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Car Remapping

We offer car remapping services to all makes and models, so if you are looking to improve your vehicle’s performance – make us your first choice! Our local garage provides tailored ECU remaps to improve both torque and BHP to uncover your engine’s maximum potential. We also provide eco tuning if you are concerned with your fuel efficiency.

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What Does This Involve?

Stage 1 Tune – We will adapt the engine ECU software by adjusting various parameters for extra torque and horse power, while staying within the safety limits of a healthy car with stock components.

Stage 2 Tune – The same process as a stage 1 tune but with added adjustment levels for vehicle with upgraded modifications such as air intake systems, exhaust upgrades and big front mount turbo intercoolers. Speak to us today about this option for the specific requirements to reach these levels of tuning.

Eco Tune – This involves adapting the vehicle ECU by adjusting various parameters to create a much better fuel efficient drive, ideal for fleet vehicles and work vans/cars.

DPF, EGR & Adblue Solutions – If these emission systems are a consistent problem for you, give us a call to discuss.

Speed Limiter Removal – This is ideal for ex-fleet vehicles or any other vehicle with an added speed limiter.

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